British Literature – Research Paper First Draft

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Choosing a topic is the first
step in writing a research paper. Choose your British Literature topic and
question from the list in your lesson. Then tell why you chose this topic.

What is your
topic and research question? Why did you choose this topic?



Why did you
choose the topic:

1.  Write
the thesis statement of your research paper. Be sure to write it in one or two
complete sentences.


Write a formal outline for your research paper. Include topics,
subtopics, and details so that the reader gains a clear idea of the contents of
your paper. Use your organized notes as a basis for your outline. Remember to
begin with a title and to follow all the formatting rules. You may refer to the
Making a Formal Outline pages to help with the format.


3.  List three or more sources that
you are using for your research paper. At least one should be a print source.
One may be an encyclopedia. Provide all the information you included on your
bibliography cards. Do not include
the source for the poems or stories that you are interpreting as one of the
three sources.


Research Paper First Draft

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