Bulling and children’s moral development

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Paper requirement: Write
an approximately 16-page paper (double-space, 12 point font, not
including references) on a topic of your choice. Example topics include:
moral development and conflict resolution; References required: at
least 20 articles (empirical articles from peer-reviewed journals),
additional references may be review articles, or book chapters; only 2
may be conference presentations or proceedings). 3-5 popular press
references may be included. Paper must be written in APA style,
including a title page, headings, and references. Each reference listed
in the references must also be cited in the paper.

I attached an outline for you of the main ideas that should be discussed in the paper.

I also attached about 20 articles for the references you don’t have to look up articles you can use those.

This Thursday I need to turn in detailed outline/rough draft about 3
pages that summaries the direction of the paper. In this draft the prof wants
to talk about “Be sure that you define your concepts carefully. For
example, what is “moral disengagement?” How are they defining “moral
reasoning?” Is that how Piaget defined it? What does it mean to be
morally deficient? Kohlberg would argue that most adults could be called
morally deficient.

So i will be in need of One outline/draft till Thursday and il be having feedback within couple of days. Based on the feedback i need a research paper with topic attached.

Lastly, i will share my previous paper as i wish the structure should be similar.


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