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Can i have a good writer in business here are the instructions:

the IBM – Smart Leadership Series case studies (using the PDF files
provided in the below link) for the following three companies Alameda
Country Social Services, Infinity Property & Casualty, Mobile County
School District.

Using the matrix provided (IBM Leadership Series Matrix.docx),
complete and submit the matrix by describing the Business or Technology
drivers that influenced the BI solutions. Describe the BI solutions
implemented and reflect on how these solutions helped management better
manage their business at the operational, tactical or strategic level in
the organization. At the end of the matrix and as a conclusion,
describe the similarities and differences of the drivers that influenced
the BI solution and the similarities and differences of how BI helped
managers make better decisions. How do you think managers at Steel
Wheels can better manage their business using a BI solution?
incorporate your ideas from the resource materials (articles, websites,
and videos) found in the Reading and Assignments folder.

First thing you have dear writer you need to download the matrix document it will be upload with this assignment thts where you will put your answers for the assignment.

here are the links for the PDF files:

 here are the articles websites and videos link make shore you look and read them

1- this is an article link

2 –that’s a video link:

3- thats an article link:

4- thats a video from youtube link:

Please make shore you cite your works or add references also remember first thing you have to do before starting the assignment is to download the file i upload read it and read my post because that file is where you will put your answers thanks .

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