Business management peer review

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Please help me write 2 pages peer review for my group members. I have some information about my group members.

1. Isabella(CEO) Friendly, like encouraging, but only sales 18 products before the 9th week. last week got 16 unit sales 2. Hisham(CFO) My best Teammate, we are doing financial stuff together. Gave me a lot of helps on, like buisness plan and presentation. 3.Hailey (COO) friendly, study hard, well done for the operating sheet. 4. Camilla( VP Marketing) Working hard, join almost every event. Our Events all found by her 5. Larry (VP Sales) well done on sales report. 6. Jeremy ( Director of Martketing) not really know him doing something. cuz he is in marketing team 7. Yan ( Director sales) Good at making video and ppt. 8. Mohammed ( Director Sales) Sales star. 9. Joe ( me,Director Finance)

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