TATA Company Test Interview Question

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Task: Test Interview

Task Description: Part Time to Long Term Job Opportunity


See instructions below:

“This is this job:

The first part of the project is looking through cash flow statements and company SEC filings in order to calculate owners earnings. This is done mainly through identifying non-recurring items on a company’s cash flow. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Owner_earnings

The second part is a detailed summation of the company’s assets and the cash flow of these assets. An analysis of the balance sheet.

The third part is a summation of the company’s cash producing products, brands, assets, etc.

Lastly, I need this data to be used to construct a DCF model set up so I can adjust the inputs. “

Keep Time. 12 hours as agreed. Take this as an opportunity to new long term relationship.

All the best.

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