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1. Category: Capital Stock – Balance Sheet Review:

Provide the following details about your corporation’s capital stock(this includes any type of stock issued, outstanding or treasury) forthe end of the last two most current fiscal years:

  a. Classes and type of stock

  b. Authorized number of shares

  c. Issued number of shares

  d. Outstanding number of shares

  e. Treasury stock number of shares

Note: shares not dollar values are to be presented.

2. Category: Capital Stock – Statement of Stockholders’ Equity Review:

  a. What is the title of your corporation’s Statement of Stockholders’ Equity?

  b. List, for the most recent year only, all component lines that are presented by your company and the total stockholders’ equity value.

3. Category: Selected Notes to the Financial Statement:

Providea short (emphasis on short = brief and in bullet format) listing of thevarious notes to the financial statements that relate to enlighteningthe reader with respect to the following for the most recent fiscal yearreported:

  a. Retained Earnings

  b. Dividends paid by class of stock

  c. Employee stock option

  d. Treasury Stock (purchase or sales)

  e. Other additions or deductions

Note: for the enlightening of the reader, be sure that yourprovide enough details (again briefly and in bullet format) so that thereader will know the overall big picture of what is presented in eachof the notes.

See my posted example for the Boston Beer Company.

Note: Students must “Start a New Thread” to provide their company’s information. The subject line of that new thread must contain, “Company Name – by Student Name.”Where it says company name, this is the name of the company that thestudent is selecting. Where it says student name, this is the student’sname who is posting the new thread.

Note: All information must be from the audited SEC-10K financial statements. Note: All information presented that was found in the financial reports must be documented.

·  Use APA style and in addition, page number(s) must be presented for each in text citation.

Exceptfor directly quoted material, page numbers are not mandatory in APAstyle but I am making them mandatory for credit in this presentation.

·  Present source document as a bibliography complete with the exact url that will directly lead the reader to the exact SEC 10K annual report.

Additionally, you must provide a date accessed.

Again APA does not mandate this for fixed website, I am making it mandatory for credit.

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