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This is a paper about I am Sam. I need someone to do the fixes to it that the teacher asked. I need it done by 10 pm.

About the movie:

            In the movie, Sam is main character. The role of Sam in the movie is mentally retarded male. He has the mental capacity of a seven year old. He faces so many issues throughout the movie. But main issue is related to gain the custody of his daughter. The daughter of Sam, Lucy is the seven years old. Her teachers fear that Sam’s aptitude is holding her back because she does not want to be smarter than her father. The girl loves her father very much. Then Lucy has taken away from Sam by the authorities (Scott, 2001). This movie is very interesting and this has taught about the different forms of the communication and ho these forms of the communication were used.

Analysis of first communication element:

I am Sam movie shows the good relationship between Sam and his daughter Lucy. Lucy loves Sam very much. First communication element which can be seen in the movie is the relational dialectics. This can be seen in the various scenes in the movie. In the movie, I found closeness and openness, autonomy and connection and novelty and certainty. The relationship between Sam and Lucy shows the closeness and connection.

The first scene in the movie is when Sam and his daughter Lucy are at the IHOP restaurant. This scene shows the novelty and predictability. In the scene, Sam shows the predictability by ordering the same thing as always (Thomas & Kevin, 2001). Lucy shows the novelty because she wants to go and try a new restaurant that she has never tried before. This shows the set of desires of Lucy. Every individual has the set of desires.

The second scene in the movie is when there was the birthday party of the daughter of Sam, Lucy. This scene reflects the autonomy and connection. This was the celebration of the 7th birthday of Lucy. One boy in the party tells to Sam that Lucy said that she is adopted then Lucy comes in the time with the social workers to save Sam. This shows the connection among the father and daughter.

Thus, in both the scenes, the movie shows the relationship dialectic of the father and daughter. It shows the connection between them. This shows the contradictions in the relations. The movie teaches that the relation dialectics is the emotional and value based. This shows the desire to be connected with others. These scenes taught that some people need to be predictable for maintaining their life style (Scott, 2001). These scenes also taught that even though you love someone very much then you still need your autonomy.

Analysis of second communication element:

The second communication element is the movie I am Sam, can be seen is the form of the nonverbal communication. The communication element is the facial expressions. This can be seen in the various scenes in the movie. Sam is mentally retarded, so the people can understand his feeling by seeing at face.

In the processing of the final custody of the hearing to determine that Sam, who has the mentally retarded and have the mental level of the seven year old child, is capable to raising his daughter Lucy on his own. This was very easy for Mr. Turner to influence him into agreeing with him. It can be determined by seeing at the facial expressions of Sam that he is becoming very upset with Mr. Turner and what he is saying to him. His lawyer Rita knew by the way that Sam was struggling with the words and distressed the expressions on his face that he was very upset (Thomas & Kevin, 2001).

The second scene is that when the turner says him that he does not know what it takes to raise his daughter and started attacking to Sam. The Sam has tears in his eyes. He is showing his reaction of the shock, sadness and fear. When the custody of Lucy is given to someone else then Sam broke down and started to cry. This scene explains the non verbal form of the communication (Scott, 2001). Mr. Turners and Rita are able to understand the facial expressions of Sam. In these scenes, the characters in the movies are using their facial expressions to communicate with each other.

This scene taught that people can express their feeling by the facial expressions. It is not necessary always that people will say everything, some feelings can be understood by the facial expressions like; sadness, fear and reaction for shock.


Thus, each and every movie shows the forms of the communication. It may be verbal or nonverbal communication. The movie I am Sam shows the relational dialectics and facial expressions. These both have large impact on the personal life also. In the personal life, the people may face these types of the situations. The people can show their feelings and emotions by the facial expressions (Scott, 2001). The movie teaches about the facial expressions and relational dialectics to the people. This movie gives a big and very important lesson to the audiences. Movie shows the very emotion and touchy scenes that impact the personal life also.


Thomas & Kevin. (2001). “In ‘I Am Sam,’ Skillful Players Embrace a Heartfelt Family Tale” Los Angeles Times.

Scott, A. O. (2001). “Movie Review – ‘I Am Sam’ – A Retarded Man Tries to Keep His Child”.  Retrieved from

Module 09 – Communication Project – Rough Draft



1.                   If you chose the Movie Analysis, turn in the rough draft of your complete movie analysis. Make sure you follow the assignment as outlined in the description of the project from Module 07.

2.                   If you chose the Reflection, turn in Questions 3, 4, and 5 from your list of questions. Make sure you follow the assignment as outlined in the description of the project from Module 07.

Describe three pieces of clothing or body adornments you have, including electronic devices. What do you try to portray/communicate with each of these things when you wear them? Has anyone else commented on them? Explain or describe relevant experiences.

Using the six stages of relational development you are learning, pick a relationship (friend, or romantic partner) and describe how you went through the stages. Give examples of how you portrayed typical actions in each of the stages.

Describe a situation in which you had a conflict with a close friend or romantic partner and you managed to work it out constructively. Analyze what happened by discussing how your behavior and your partner’s followed or violated principles for effective conflict management.


Overall the rough draft for the movie was good.  You are covering all the required elements in the assignment. 

You spend too much time summarizing the movie.  You need more focus on describing and applying communication concepts from the course as described in the module 7 assignment.

You need incorporate more material from the course.  Remember to cite the material that you use.

·                     Write with clear, concise, complete sentences, transitions between paragraphs, standard spelling, grammar, and punctuation.



Total Points


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