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Complete Procedure using attached template.

1. For new patients, create the patient account by entering the following information on a patient account ledger card:

a. Patient’s full name, address, and at least two contact phone numbers

b. Date of birth

c. Health insurance information, including the subscriber numbers, group number, and effective date

d. Subscriber’s name and date of birth (if the subscriber is not the patient)

e. Employer’s name and contact information.

2. For returning patients, review the account record to see whether a balance is due. If there is a balance, bring this to the patient’s attention when he or she comes for the appointment (include this in the ledger summary referenced below). Respectfully explain that the provider would appreciate a payment on the previous balance before he or she can care for the patient. Then complete the encounter form, including all procedures and the associated fee schedule.

3. Total all the charges on the encounter form for the services rendered.

4. Then subtract the copayment made from the total charges. The previous balance, if any, is added to this new total.

5. Please write a brief collaborative report (150-200 words) on each ledger.

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