managerial accounting budget project

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Using the supplied Excel spreadsheet, complete the required elements contained in the BUDGET PROJECT – ACCT 2202 pdf file.  You will be graded on:

1) Your use of Excel formulas and reference cells to build a spreadsheet that functions, in all schedules, when performing “what-if” analysis by changing the assumptions located in the assumptions tab.

2) The accuracy of the budgeted figures as derived from the formulas entered.  Since I will be supplying you with check figures, simply hard keying those figures into their respective cells will not count.

A general recommendation: there should not be any cell that doesn’t contain either a formula or a reference back to another cell located either in the assumptions tab or another schedule.  Each cell identified with manual calculations or hard keyed figures will be deducted 10 points for each cell.

Finally, a general warning:  while I encourage you to work in groups on this project, each student will be graded by their individual spreadsheet submitted for grading.  With that in mind, construct your own spreadsheet.  There are several ways to track the origination of the spreadsheet, which should act as a deterrent from breaching academic integrity.  Any files that are deemed to be someone else’s work will result in a zero for the project and further options will be pursued.  There will be substantial opportunity to perform well on this project if those opportunities are harvested.

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