XACC 291 Ratio Analysis Memo for Riordan Mfg- For Abhishek Jain

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UPDATED ATTACHMENTS – Need help with my ratio analysis memo using the virtual company Riordan Mfg.  I have attached my syllabus, grading rubric and pertinent info regarding this company.

Following is instructions from the instructor:


For your Week Nine ratio project, please use the virtual company Riordan Mfg.  The company is listed under the business tab of your virtual organizations.  After clicking “intranet” in the right hand corner, look for the finance and accounting tab at the top and print the balance sheet and income statement. 


What I have found is if you go through each ratio on your syllabus/assignment, get the formula and then use the balance sheet and income statement to get your answer.  On your excell spreadsheet, I am only looking for the type of ratio, the calculation and the answer.  You are not required to put any more than that.  On seperate tabs, do the horizontal analysis, vertical analysis, and the memo.  Chapter 14 details the formulas for the ratio’s and examples of each.  However make sure you complete each ratio, each analysis and the memo.

·         Liquidity ratios

o    Current ratio

o    Acid-test, or quick, ratio

o    Receivables turnover

o    Inventory turnover

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