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1.) 10 pages double spaced on “AT&T.” AND 2.) 4 Power Point slides presentation based on the paper.


The focus of this assignment is on the financial statements as a whole and the concepts related to the topics as follows:

Audit Profession, Ethics; Legal Liability, GAAS: Generally Accepted Auditing Standards, Audit Supervision, Documentation and Quality Review, Risk, Fraud Evidence, Materiality

Internal Controls, Analytical Procedures, Confirmations and Audit Sampling, Inventory, Service Organizations and Internal Audit Function, Completing the Audit, Communications

Reports, Assurance Services, Other types of auditing: Internal, Governmental, and Operations Auditing

The 10-k report and other SEC filings for the company can be found through the link: http://phx.corporate-ir.net/phoenix.zhtml?c=113088&p=irol-sec&control_selectgroup=Annual%20Filings

The required financial statements are located in the indicated page numbers in the 2015 annual report. 

Income Statement- Page 43 of the 2015 annual report

Balance Sheet- Page 45 of the 2015 annual report

Statement of Stockholders Equity- page 46 of the 2015 annual report

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