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  • The AICPA would like for you to deliver a speech at one of its upcoming conferences on the future of accounting information systems. From the first e-Activity, select one conference and formulate the takeaway message and key points that you would want your audience to remember from your speech.
  • After delivering your speech, you have been approached by representatives from Oracle (Oracle Financials) and Microsoft (Microsoft Dynamics) regarding your key points. From the second e-Activity, evaluate how your message can be used to enhance their product line and vision.

FOR accounting information systems:

  • Evaluate the top-three concepts covered in this course that provided the most value to you and how you might incorporate those concepts or processes into your current job or future endeavors.
  • Evaluate the top-three concepts in this course that you found difficult to comprehend. Propose a recommendation to the author of the textbook on how he / she could have made that process or concept easier to understand.

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