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You are required to obtain one article from “Strategic Finance”, the Institute of Management Accounting magazine, available in the COD library, and in various online databases

YOU MUST OBTAIN APPROVAL FROM YOUR INSTRUCTOR FOR YOUR CHOSEN ARTICLE BEFORE YOU BEGIN THE ASSIGNMENT. To obtain approval email  your instructor a copy of the article with the topic and why you chose it.

Choose any article you find interesting, but you may not use any of the “Technology” articles – The article must have been published in the past 12 months.

You are required to submit a two page, double spaced, written summary of the article with an analysis of why it is important.  Make sure you include your personal thoughts and reaction to the article.

Please include a cover page and an appropriate bibliography in MLA format.

See College of DuPage’s Library for MLA formatting information http://www.cod.edu/library/research/cite/mla/print.htm

Submit your article here in blackboard when it is complete — See the course syllabus for the due date

I have uploaded the article that i choose it is called “Machine learning, human fraud: far from guaranteeing a fraud-free corporate environment, machine learning and AI developments may simply make fraud detection and execution more elaborate”

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