Financial Analysis Project with Ongoing, weekly deadlines

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I have an ongoing project for ACC498 which has weekly components of the overall project due weekly.  The next segment is 5 pages in the textbook “Analyzing and Understanding Annual Reports Workbook by Passard Dean”.  My chosen company is Publix Supermarkets.  I need the next 5 project workbook pages completed by 5/19, then the next 5 completed by 5/26, etc.  They can be completed sooner if you like but the entire project does not need to be completed by 5/19.  I will scan and upload the pages that need to be completed, I’ve included an excel worksheet which gives the overview of the items needed but this is NOT the work to be done- I will scan and upload the actual sheet shortly.

This project is basically a comparison of the last 3 years of published data from Publix.


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