Statistic report

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You are creating your own report with false data.. NO more than two direct quotes. Teacher will use


Studentswill writeareport(APAformat)describing aresearch study they designintheirarea ofstudy.This report will includetheintroduction, participants/samplingmethod, procedures,data analysis(usingone ofthe statistical testscoveredinthis class),andresults/conclusions.Thisshouldbe your own researchstudythatyoudesign.This isnotanevaluationof publishedresearch.  

NOTE:You are NOT required tocollectdataorruntheanalysis. Basedonyour understanding ofyourresearch question, make-upnumbers that wouldbe appropriatefor your study.Thesenumbers shouldmakesenseinthecontextof your research, however.


Report– maximum offive pages, double-space.Besuretoincludea cover page,abstractandreferencelist (these3pages do notcountas threeof thefivepages).Youmustuse APAforthereport.  For an example,see nomorethan two directquotes inyour paper. Youmustsubmit yourprojectto Turnitin(see page2).

Componentsof theReport:

Introduction:   Descriptionofthestudyincludingthepurposeand importance oftheresearch questionbeingasked.Whatis your nullhypothesis? Whatis your researchor alternative hypothesis?Your introductionshouldinclude atleasttworesources. TheseresourcesMUST befrom peer-reviewedjournals. Youmust use other resourcesandcorrectlycite(suchas our text) when describingstatistical concepts.

Participants/Sampling Method:Describethesamplecollectedfor the study, as wellas thesamplingmethod.How wereyour participantsselected? Whois your population ofinterest? Ifyoudidasurvey,howmanywillyousurvey toensureyour targetsamplesize?Howdidyoucomeupwith that number?

What doyouexpectyour responseratetobe?Whatwas your samplesize? Howrepresentativeis thesampleofthepopulationunder study?

Procedures:How werethedatacollected?Was asurveyor questionnaire usedtocollectdata?Whataretheindependentand dependentvariables?How are thevariablesdefinedandmeasured?Arethevariablesnominal,ordinal,

interval, or ratiomeasurementscales?Are the datacollectedinawaythat avoids bias?Whatis your selectedalphalevel?

DataAnalysis:Whatstatistical testwas usedtoanalyze the data? Describe thestatisticaltest.Whatare therequirements?Did youmeetthose requirements?Describewhy your selected methodwas appropriatetoanswer

your research question.Makeupateststatistic value.Given thatvalue,doyou reject orfailtorejectthe nullhypothesis?Is your p< .05or p> .05(assuming alpha= .05)?

Results & Discussion:Didyour analysis answer your research question? Explain.Whatare thepractical implicationsofyour results?

References:Allreferences shouldbeincludedin APAformat.

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