ACC303 Module 6 Quiz 2017 (All correct)

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QuestionQuestion 1The purpose of using validation tests in the record definition of a database is to:Question 1 options:verify that the user is authorized to enter data in the database.make sure the database works properly.avoid data entry errors.ensure normalized data.Question 2Reports enable users to:Question 2 options:limit the distribution of the information.see a paper output of database information.change information in the underlying database from one data field to another at run time.Question 3In the E-R model, the primary record key of a file is indicated by:Question 3 options:using a square.printing the term (e.g., part number) in asterisk.underlining.Question 4Assume that an accounts receivable application contains database tables for customer orders, inventory items, customers, and salespersons. Which of these items would  probably be a foreign key in the customer orders table?Question 4 options:Order numberCustomer nameSalesperson numberAll of theseQuestion 5In the E-R model, an oval denotes a(n):Question 5 options:transitive relationship.“is a” attribute such as a social security number.Question 6The value that a database will use if the user does not provide an alternate value is called a(n):Question 6 options:text value.control value.default value.asset value.Question 7In the REA framework, an account receivable would be classified as a(n):Question 7 options:ResourceAssetEventNone of theseQuestion 8A rule of thumb in industry is that the cost to correct an error in a database is approximately how many times the cost of entering the data initially?Question 8 options:57103Question 9To perform a range test on the hours worked data field in an Access database that requires the entry to be at least 0 and no more than 40, you should express this requirement as:Question 9 options:between 0 And 40.none of least 0; Not more than 40.0<= X <= 40.Question 10Manual forms, in terms of database form design, are:Question 10 options:archaic.used to collect information electronically.used to guide the development of electronic forms.used by many offices already.

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