Review post 2 week 1 minimum of 150 words apa for

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Review post 2 week 1 minimum of 150 words apa format


The most important role in my opinion that a project manager has is to carefully plan. As the author of our text states “the project manager leads the planning, executing, and closing of a project†(Kloppenborg, 2014). I chose planning as the most important role because organization and effective planning is important in executing a project. One must have an organized plan as to how they plan on breaking down their time to be able to finish a project with the proper execution. Time management is very important in this situation. In my opinion, the role will not change over time because the most important factor should always have careful planning behind it. Project managers select projects through strategic planning. Sponsor are normally the ones who selects projects and identifies its prioritization†(Kloppenborg, 2014). While sponsors are the ones that mostly select projects. Projects are overseen by project managers. Sponsors are supposed to mentor project managers to ensure that projects are completed in a proper manner.

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Kloppenborg, Timothy (2014). Contemporary Project Management (3rd ed). Mason, OH: Cengage.

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