ACC Discussion Due Sunday August 27, 2017 14:00

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Discussion: Cash Flows

  • For this week’s eActivity, research one (1) publicly traded company in which you are interested using the Internet. Review its most recent statement of cash flows and income statement on the company Website. Be prepared to discuss.

  • Outline a strategy for companies to spend excess cash and maximize the value of that spend. Provide a rationale for your response.

  • Compare and contrast the selected company’s statement of cash flows to its income statement. Suggest at least two (2) items from each statement that investors should analyze when deciding whether or not to purchase the company’s stock. Justify your response.

Discussion: Sustainable Income and Ratio Analysis

  • Describe sustainable income and the importance of sustainable income in the evaluation of the income statement. Choose at least two (2) items or events that will affect sustainable income of a company.

  • Propose the manner in which you would disclose these items or events to investors. Justify your response.

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