waste management 4

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Unit VIII Final Case Scenario #3:

The Situation: The Case of the Oily Rags Outside of the City’s Fleet Operation Maintenance Bays there is a dumpster with a nicely painted sign saying Deposit Oily rags here. As the newly appointed EH&S Manager for the city you ask the next pressing question to the Maintenance Supervisor. “After you put your oily rags in the dumpster, where does the dumpster go?” His response was; “they take them out to the power plant and burn them.” You just smile and say “oh, that’s nice that the city has that capability” Two days later while you are out at the power plant, you ask the Operations Manager about the burning of oily rags in the unit. He tells you that they used to do that but now with the newer changes in place from the EPA they are not allowed to. So you ask yet again another obvious question; “then why are these dumpsters of oily rags coming out here?” He was surprised that you mentioned it because he had been wondering that himself. Now he has 4 dumpsters on his property filled with oily rags.


1. Should the oily rags stay on the plant site?

2. What responsibility does Fleet Operations have?

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