i need help write rhetorical analysis essay

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I need help to write a Rhetorical Analysis essay




Basically i have an article of 2 pages. What you have to do is reading the article then Rhetorical Analysis the article




I have a documents has all the instruction for the essay also I have Outline and two Rhetorical Analysis examples.


The essay should be 3 pages At least also you must add 2 quotations from the article and Work Cited




The first paragraph should be the summary of the article


And the rest of the paragraphs should answer these quotation.


-Where was this piece originally published?




-Who is the author/organization/company behind the piece?




-What is the message/claim/argument (in one sentence)? Boil it down!




-How is the message/claim/argument being conveyed?




-What is the purpose? What do they want their audience to do as a result of this piece?




-Who is the audience(s)? How do you know?



I need clean work and should be on time also follow all the instructions on the documents






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