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Brightday Builders bought lumber from Lana’s Lumberyard.  Brightday issued a check to Lana’s for $27,000.  The Lumberyard received the check on a Tuesday.  That night Brennan broke into the Lumberyard’s offices and stole cash and checks from Lana’s desk.  Brennan cashed Brightside’s check at Money Matters, a check cashing agency, and received $24,300 after paying the agency’s fee of $2,700.  Lana informed Brightday, who then told its bank, Hometown Bank, about the burglary.  Money Matters demands payment of the check by Hometown Bank.  Hometown refuses to pay.  What rights does Money Matters have against Hometown Bank, Lana’s Lumberyard, and Brightday Builders? (150 words)

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