Can anyone complete this 8 page assignment on healthcare? Chart is attached with instructions.

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This assignment is indented to be an introduction to issues surrounding health care financing around the world. The table above provides some basic information on costs and outcomes for health care systems in industrialized countries. Your assignment is to critically evaluate this data and some of its implications. Specifically you are to write an 8-10 page paper in which you discuss the relationships between the different variables presented in the table. Use your text and at least 3 external sources.

Describe some of the interesting patterns you see in the data. Are there clear associations between income, health care spending, and health outcomes? What are the patterns between countries? How does the US stack up in this comparison? Do you feel that the US is getting a good bargain for health care? Why or why not?

I am looking for insightful, critical discussion of these issues and not filler. Your assignment will be evaluated based on organization of ideas and the quality of discussion. However, if typos and mechanical errors make it difficult to read you will be marked down, so please proofread, edit, and spell-check your assignment before turning it in. Also, computer spell-checking is necessary but not sufficient, since it does not catch many common errors (there/their; effect/affect etc.). If you have poor grammar, then ask a friend to proofread your paper.

Your paper should be double-spaced, in 12-pt Times New Roman font with standard margins (1 and a quarter inches on the sides and 1 inch on the top/bottom) and must include a separate title page with your name (does not count towards 8-10 page limit).Please refer to the syllabus for information regarding academic dishonesty.

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