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1. Fully describe the five types of evaluations Perrin characterizes “as the most common types of evaluations” used to improve program effectiveness. What kinds of questions need to be

explored for each kind of evaluation? When (at what point in the evaluation process) is each kind of evaluation used?

2. If we were trying to set up a program to monitor screening processes for an ongoing screening process for the ZIKA virus in U.S. hospitals, which two kinds of evaluation, according to information contained in Perrin, would tend to yield the best assessment of ongoing success of the program?Why would this be the case? Explain your answer in detail.

3. Name and explain Perrin’s six “Social Determinants of Health”.Would Goodman and the authors of Healthy People 2020 agree or disagree with Perrin’s choice of “determinants”? Why or why not?Give two specific examples from Goodman and HP 2020 for each of Perrin’s six “Determinants”. (12 examples total).

4.Explain the difference between external and internal validity in testing. Which kind of validity is most important to field health studies and why? Briefly name and explain the four types of internal validity. Pick two possible threats to internal validity and explain why these would be problematic to a long-term, 5-10 year field research study we were conducting in the DeKalb County community.

1. At least one full page must be written in response to EACH question. Start at the top of the page

when beginning or continuing each Essay.

2. Be sure to note which Essay (by number) you are writing.Do not include the question again.

3. Essays must be typed in Times New Roman font only, in 12-point font only.

4. Each Essay must include at minimum ONE FULL PAGE of information, written in good

English (no texting or abbreviations, for instance).

5. If you have individual paragraphs in the same Essay, indicate these by just indenting the first line

of the paragraph five spaces.

6. No “lists” or bullet-points of information will be accepted in place of, or in addition to the

Essay form response—information is to be presented in narrative form ONLY.

7. Each Essay will have margins no larger than one (1) inch—top, bottom, and sides.

8. Each Essay’s font may NOT be bolded.

9. Essays may not include charts or graphs (Essay explanation ONLY).

10. Essays are to be constructed in WORD format only (no pdf or other format besides WORD will

be accepted).

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