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MESSAGE #1: Memo to Future 100WB Online Students

Compose a 2-paragraph memo to future 100WB online students. The purpose is to inform your audience on what to prepare for (particularly in an online-only setting), and what you have learned in the course. Feel free to provide any additional insight. Use a memo heading:





This class is an online class. Therefore we need to check and finish our assignment weekly. Also, it is a business writing class, so we will learn about different business writing and write about it. We finished 4 discussion on 4 topics(1.Introduce ourself 2.Memo Comparisons 3.The Plagiarism Spectrum 4.Cascading Q-&-A on business writing concepts). We had 4 main assignments: business message, request for a recommendation, application letter ans resume, and persuasive message. I also worked on an AR project with one groupmate at the end of the course.

I had learned these topics in this class:

Planning Business Messages

Writing Business Messages

Biased Language

Revising Vs. Editing

Request for a recommendation

Writing Routine and Positive Messages

Memo Comparisons

Resumes from Start to Finish

Application letter

Persuasive Messages

Quoting and Paraphrasing

Business Reports

Analytical Report (AR) Guidelines + Sample Reports

♦ Memo: format and content follow standard memo organization ♦ Audience/Purpose are clear ♦ Main ideas are clear with supporting details ♦ Message is meaningful, but concise.

♦ Grammar/Language: writing is overall clear with minimal grammar errors ♦ word choice and language use is appropriate

Please write around 500 words. Thank you so much.

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