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In Module 1, the first required assignment asked you to examine
the course and relate it to a current, real-world event or recent news
story. Based on what you have learned in this course since Module 1,
reflect on how your answers would change now that you have gained new
knowledge. Return to your initial assignment and directly connect the
content of your responses to the theories and material of this course.
Additionally, based on what you learned in this course, provide some
strategies that would address the issues described in the real-world
event or recent news story you chose. For example, if you chose a recent
story about how high school attendance rates have diminished in the
past decade, provide several strategies for addressing that issue based
on what you directly learned in this course. Submit a final assignment
of 1000 words that synthesizes all these points.

The name of the course is critical Thinking 10 edition.

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