Capital Project Proposal

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Select a suitable item from category B from the list at the end of the following document: Facilities Administration: Classification of Medical Equipment

Propose a capital item purchase for this item and prepare your request for approval to the capital budget committee.

Develop a 1,400- to 1,575-word proposal in which you:

  • Research the internet to estimate the cost of the equipment you selected.
  • Explain how your company would benefit from purchasing this equipment.
  • Formulate the management goals that the expenditure would support. Goals may include: revenue, process improvement, productivity, quality improvement, safety, and/or employee development.
  • Identify the primary stakeholders and predict how they will view or support this purchase.
  • Appraise the risks of purchasing or not purchasing.
  • Assemble your budget in a table format including all the associated costs in addition to the initial purchase.

Note. This should be written as an actual proposal for review. Consider you instructor as one of many on the review board who is considering your proposal.

Research a minimum of three scholarly sources to support your proposal.

Format your proposal, including reference page, according to APA guidelines.

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