capstone wk 4 michael smith

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After you have comleted the exam, reflect on your experiences with the Criminal Justice program and Peregrine examination. In a 700–1000-word narrative, address the items below. Do not address them in a line-item manner, but rather incorporate the responses into a single narrative. Include illustrative examples from your experiences, such as past assignments.

  • What areas of the exam did you feel well prepared for?
  • For any areas of the exam for which you felt unprepared, were they covered in the curriculum?
  • Based on your completion of the Criminal Justice Program and the professional goals with which you began the program, describe how you will use the Criminal Justice degree going forward.
  • Given the totality of the field of Criminal Justice as presented in your program, what area do you intend to pursue professionally and how has the degree prepared you for that career?

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