Case Study 3

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The Rep Test is used at times like an interview.  Some significant information is obtained through this assessment that tells us a little more about Jim.   However, at times, individuals may make generalization based on information without digging further into the report.  Here are some other noted weaknesses of Kelly’s theories

-Relies excessively on words, which can be inadequate to convey constructs because of things like submersion

-Process theory is not well specified: How do people select which construct to apply in a situation?

-Motivation theory not well specified: Why do people select a particular construction and act in certain

ways based on that construction?

-Has not been applied to some parts of human functioning, e.g., depression.

-Doesn’t address human emotions adequately

-Link between constructs and behavior not well studied

can you think of any other noted weaknesses? 700-800 words

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