Case Study of “Team member from Hell” for Behavior in Organizations

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-750-1000 words

-Problem statement: A clear problem statement. This should be one
sentence and is the foundation for the rest of the analysis

-Identify 3 causes: Using the concepts from Behavior in Organizations. For each concept you must Define the theory/concept in a detailed enough way that it
is clear you understand its distinctions and why it applies
Persuade me that it fits this situation and helps you
understand a true cause of the problem in the case. Support your arguments with research-based citations or
paraphrases coming from external sources (the case is not
considered a source).

-2 possible solutions

-Best solution: Recommend one BEST solution (selected from the two
you presented). Make sure this solution is feasible and
specific. Discuss why you selected this solution, the
positives and negatives about this solution, what will be
required to implement it, and your desired outcome. Explain how you would practically implement it as the
consultant hired by the professor.

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