case study selco. I will provide access to book

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Discussion Questions
1. Explain the innovation adoption process for SELCO
systems in terms of the six factors that affect cus-
tomers’s technology adoption decisions (Chapter 7).
2. Of the various models of social entrepreneurship in
Chapter 13, which model does SELCO follow?
Which of the challenges and success factors for base-
of-the-pyramid strategies affect SELCO? Be specific
in your elaboration.
3. What role has the marketing function played in
SELCO’s success? What suggestions do you have to
make their marketing more effective? 4. SELCO has been approached by people who would
like a franchise to sell SELCO’s systems. Should
SELCO sell franchises? Why or why not?
5. Is SELCO’s business model sustainable long-term?
What are the threats to the business model and how
can SELCO prepare for these?
6. Is the SELCO business model sufficiently scalable to
support its growth goals? If not, what should it do?
7. What proactive actions can help SELCO cross the
chasm in the Indian market?

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