CCCC Battle of Saratoga Discussion

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For this assignment, you will create a meme about the Revolutionary War. This must be your own creation and not a meme that is currently available on the internet. Choose one of the eight topics listed at the end of these instructions. This assignment uses Turnitin. You do not need to create an account for Turnitin. Selecting a topic that is not listed in these instructions will result in zero.

To create the meme, there are numerous meme generators on the internet. A quick Google search will list numerous free online meme generators. Please do not use the Instagram meme generator.

Instructions: First, include the meme that you created (30 points). Do not use HEIC files because they will not open.

Number each of the three answers (1-3).

1. Name of the topic and description: In your own words, define the topic (10 points). If it’s a battle, include the beginning and end dates. All battles are capitalized.

2. Describe the meme that you created: The description should be a minimum of five sentences. How does your meme relate to the topic? If your meme contains slang words or texting acronyms (ROFL, etc…), explain what the acronyms mean. (10 points)

3. What is the name of the meme generator? Include the website name and web address (10 points).

As always, proofread for sentence clarity and syntax.

The topics:

A. Sons of Liberty

B. Battles of Lexington and Concord

C. Battle of Bunker Hill

D. Continental Army

E. Hessians

F. Battle of Saratoga

G. Benedict Arnold

H. Battle of Yorktown

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