Ch. 7 summary

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Assignment: Read Chapter 7 in the book. Then summarize, in your own words,
the most important aspects of that chapter into a 3-5 page summary.
Required Criteria:
– Times New Roman
– 12-point font
– 1.5 spacing (Not single and not double)
– 1 inch margins
– No extra lines between paragraphs
– Full paragraphs (DO NOT lists things; write full paragraphs in your own
– Your summary must begin no more than 6 lines down the page, as in do not
have large chunks of the top of the page cluttered with a bloated heading.
This assignment must be at least 3 full pages (as in not 2.5 pages or 2.75
pages), but no more than 5 full pages maximum.
DO NOT plagiarize full blocks of text from the book; instead, you should
properly summarize the most important info into your own words.

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