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Prior to answering the following discussion questions, please read the assigned reading for week 5 (Chapter 6 Person-Centered Counseling).  1. Explain motivational interviewing.  What are the benefits of motivational interviewing when working with children and adolescents in therapy?2. In this chapter there is a section that discusses the goal of person-centered therapy.  Please describe the goal of this Person-Centered therapy approach.3. Please use your DSM-V for the following vignette and answer the questions that follow. Misty is a 15 year old Hispanic female.  Her father and mother are divorced and Misty resides with her mother.  Misty’s mother reported that since her father has left the home (7 months ago)  Misty has begun to act out in the following ways:-Misty has a negative attitude-she is defiant with her mother and school teachers-she is disobedient-she is hostile toward adults and authority figures-she losses her temper easily and often argues with adults-she refuses to comply with rules and is verbally aggressive with her mother and teachersPlease answer the following questions in regards to this vignette related to Misty:a. Please indicate the most suitable diagnosis for Misty (using your DSM-V).b. How can a Person-Centered therapy approach be helpful for Misty?c. How can Person-Centered therapy’s application of the development of her self esteem be helpful for Misty?  Read the book and explain from the book’s perspective.

respond in 2 pages

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