Chose Practice or Principle and explan.

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This module focuses on the ways that agile and lean methods have evolved since the middle of the
twentieth century.

Pick a principle or practice of either agile or lean management theory that resonates with you on either
a personal or professional level. You can select anything from the Agile Manifesto or its supporting
principles. In your forum post, describe why you chose the practice or principle for discussion. Relate it
to either a situation you have experienced personally in your career, or one described in the reading
material or even in an article on the Web.

You may either embrace the principle / practice chosen, or challenge it in some way. You could, for
example, discuss how the principle would improve project delivery. You might even question its
practical utility.

You should also comment on at least one of the posts made by your classmates. You might offer an
example or anecdote which supports or even contradicts an observation made by a classmate.

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