CIS200 Business Analysis

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What does planning mean to a Business Analyst?

As a Business Analyst, planning is an important task of their every day.

As a member of a team, you worked on requirements and stakeholder
analysis for your IT Project. Use what you learned and apply that to
your personal project.

  • Update your personal project with stakeholder and requirement information.
  • Use a stakeholder tool that you used in class or research the internet for one that is more appropriate for your project.
  • Fill out a requirement classification schema document for your project.

We have already started planning but let’s learn from experts what planning means to a Business Analyst.

Now that you know something about planning, you will need a planning tool.

  • Research the internet and find a free Business Analysis Project
    Planning tool and be prepared to provide it to your team. During your
    research, keep in mind how you would like this tool to be used in our IT
    project. This tool can be a word or excel document.
  • If you have friends or family that work in the business world, reach
    out to them and see if they have a tool that they recommend.

For your task, submit the deliverable for your personal project. Include the following:

  • Submit a software requirements specification on your personal project that includes the following:
  • Business requirements
  • Stakeholder requirements
  • Solution requirements
  • Functional
  • Non-functional
  • Transition requirements
  • Stakeholder analysis tool that includes the following:
  • List the stakeholders for your project
  • Level of importance
  • Why they were included in the list

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