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These questions go a step beyond the theory application, by asking you to think about the theory used in the question. It might ask you to consider how it could be expanded, its validity, or its application to another theory. These questions might specify particular components of a theory to consider rather than the theory as a whole. Again one good paragraph ( About 10 sentences). The questions are application questions or questions that ask you to provide your own argument about how the theory should be considered. The answers should be your own work. You certainly shouldn’t be providing entire phrases and sentences from outside sources and representing them as your own when answering the question. You have to answer the question, and don’t write abstractly or write like you’re quoting definitions.

1. Considering Speech Codes theory, do you agree that we tend to stick to our culturally-subscribed speech code or do you think we adapt to/accommodate others? Going further, how might the choice to accommodate or diverge from your speech code be a violation of a cultural expectation (think Expectancy Violations Theory from unit 1)?

2. Tannen discusses the impact that gender has on our communication. Do cultural factors complicate Tannen’s findings? In other words, would the interaction of culture with gender potentially challenge any of Tannen’s conclusions? What about power or authority? Does the authority or power one holds potentially challenge any of Tannen’s conclusions? Why or why not?

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