Compare and Contrast Biblical Models of Ethical Leadership

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Paper 3 – Compare and Contrast Biblical Models of Ethical Leadership –

You will be asked to develop an analytical paper comparing and/or contrasting at least two Biblical models of ethical leadership. This is another part of your examination process. But here you will be focused on comparing Biblical leadership examples to each other and to your own philosophy of leadership and how you might behave ethically in certain situations. Please think in terms of comparing and contrasting leaders in the same time period or relevant context:

Look for these five things related to the Biblical Models of Leadership:

(1) Compare and contrast the specific leadership traits or attributes demonstrated by the leaders you are examining (how they behave in the situations identified).

(2) Do any of the traits exhibited result from an ethical point of view? How does morality play a part in the actions taken?

(3) Which parts of the leaders’ actions are influenced by God (and how strongly)? How important is this?

(4) What kinds of traits, characteristics and/or behaviors have you adapted after studying these examples?

(5) How do these leaders you have examined reflect your vision for what kind of leader you would like to be? Here you should start to think out loud about own philosophy of leadership.

EXAMPLES: Biblical Models of Leadership: Format (JB) – Retrieved 08/03/06 from

The paper should be 4-5 pages long


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