compare and contrast economic development in japan and india, political science homework help

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IT SHOULD HAVE ATLEAST 5 PAGES NOT INCLUDING WORK CITIED. THIS IS AN ARGUMENTATIVE PAPER. IT SHOULD HAVE ATLEAST INTRODUCTION, THESIS, CONCLUSION ARE REQUIRED. AN INTRODUCTION SHOULD HAVE THESIS STATEMENTS. CITATIONS ARE REQUIRED AND ARE EXPECTED TO BE ACCURATE, BOTH IN TEXT AND WORK CITIED. PLEASE USE recent mla format and a minimum 4 scholary sources are required. it should be free from plagarism, my instructor should not come to know that i have not written this paper. font: 12, times new roman and standard 1 inch margin. apply one theory from chapter 1-4 from book comparative politics second edition j tyler dickovick jonathan eastwood. secondly, i should get grade A OR A-.

again, focus on plagirasim

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