compensation options

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Imagine that you have been asked to redesign the compensation plan for your organization.

Your goals are reduced turnover, increased patient satisfaction, and increased employee

satisfaction/engagement. Your purpose is to develop a thorough compensation plan for

your health care organization.

• Summarize the five key elements that must be considered as you develop the

compensation plan.

• Detail the revised compensation plan -use both Direct and Indirect Forms of

Compensation to develop your overall strategy.

Use the materials presented in the textbook and outside sources to design a new

compensation plan. In a 2-3 page document, outline your new plan in APA format. A

minimum of three references, plus the textbook are required.


Paper defines and discusses the strategic role of human resources in compensation

design for a health care organization.

 Identifies the major challenges in compensation at all levels within a health care


 Paper identifies the two general types of compensation and the components of each.

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