Complete History Notes

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1) Listen to the audio lecture “An Expanding Nation” 2) Type notes. 3) Upload notes to the dropbox.


1) Type the outline I provide on the PowerPoint AND fill-in the notes just like you would in a traditional class. You don’t have to use my Roman numerals, capital letters, etc., but you must have some outline format such as bullet points and indents, etc.

2) The notes should be 10-12 pt font, single-spaced, and at least 1,000 words. You may double-space between sections (for example, double space between A), B), C) in your notes.)

3) Make sure you do all the way to the end of the lecture.

4) Upload as a doc., docx., or rich text file. If your file says .odt or .wps please resubmit in the right format.

5) Questions from these notes will appear on the unit exams, mid-term, and final exams.

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