comprehensive analysis imaging of breast cancer using mammogram, homework help

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Hello again.

I have got the feedback from my Dr. and He sent some suggestions and comment that should be fixed on the paper. I would like you to read his comments and find the paper as attached. There are red lines that need to be edited and corrected. I have got some comments about the APA citation and I need it fixed. Here below is the Dr explanation about the paper.

-1 Expanding a few of the sections and adding the transitions will help immensely.

– 2 Further discussion of the methodology will help in
allowing the reader to frame the purpose and scope of the study. Why was the test administered in this way? Were there other options? Why was this one chosen? (why we use ANOVA, T-test, U-test and Kruskal-Wallis tests not other type of tests?)

– 3 Discuss the two tables in further detail to “frame’ the
information for the reader. What is it telling and why. How can the reader
digest the information with further understanding.

– 4 Broaden the conclusion, revisit the original problem
statement and readdress and tie the discussion back to the argument. Conclude
and bring the information you have presented into a smooth transition and
ending for the reader.

– 5 Check your references per APA.
Specifically the Bryfondski reference is not to APA standard.

Please be aware of Plagiarism because it is taken seriously. This is 12 inches, APA style, Double spaces paper. please be aware of sources good sites such google scholar and pubmed.

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