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Concert Report

I attended a concert and I have to write a report in
approximately 500 words using the critical listening skills and musical vocabulary I have learned in class. Due to my sickness I was not able to write the report but I attached a report for one of my friends who was with me at the concert. I suggest you get the main ideas from his report, and also the songs list is at the end of his report if you want to listen to it.

Students need to use Use their observations, the concert program, textbook,
Oxford Music Online, and the listening guide at the end of the syllabus to complete the

Your report will be graded according to the following criteria:

1. Describes the concert venue, performers, and the audience.

2. Discusses the historical background of selected works from the concert.

3. Describes highlights of the performance using appropriate musical terminology.

4. Compares music on this concert to music studied in class.

5. Follows formatting guidelines.

The report must be typed using a twelve point font and single spaced with one inch
margins. Concert reports must be submitted electronically as a .pdf file to Turnitin
through the course website before the beginning of class on the date indicated in the
syllabus. Late papers will not be accepted.


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