Concordia College Misk X Ministry of Investment Program Statement of Purpose

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Statement of Purpose:
Describe why you want to participate in the Misk x Ministry of Investment Program and how this program will add value to your future career goals.

attached below is the ministry of investement link

and also Misk link

Please write a compelling statement and unique and attention grabbing of how getting in this program will help my career goals in SAUDI ARABIA as a saudi female who just graduated from the us 

also please answer these questions that I will be answering on video:

– How would this program help you meet your career and academic goals?(connect this to the statement of purpose of wanting to be the first saudi femaile Economic minister but will take it step by step to learn more)
– Talk about yourself and your interest in the field(I’m a female from saudi and just graduated from the us with a degree in Economics and have done projects, but you can add and bullshit stuff)
– Describe any relevant experiences and projects you have completed in your field of interest.(I haven’t done anything relative except for school projects)

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