Conflict Approach to Domestic Violence Discussion

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Utilizing the Conflict Perspective given in our “Major Sociological Perspectives” Handout, demonstrate a firm grasp of the perspective by providing examples via the contemporary social issue of domestic violence.   

In other words, what social groups (examples may include men, women, courts, law enforcement, medical institutions, attorneys, religious institutions) exercise their power/influence at the expense of other groups.  Tell me how and why particular groups battle for leverage and power!

Once again, the assignment is to explain Conflict Theory by utilizing examples related to various issues associated with domestic violence.  (Answers should be between 500 – 700 words)  This is the conclusion of Part I.

After you complete the above listed assignment, you’ll be required to post two (2) replies to two (2) different classmates’ postings.  (You must first post your own assignment before replying to a classmates posting.)  Responses need to articulate why you do or do not agree with the posting.  Articulate and substantiate your rationale by providing relevant examples from the macro-social institutions (religion, economy, gov’t, education, health care, etc.) but remain focused upon the content.  (Answers should be a minimum of 200 words)  This is the conclusion of Part II

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