Consulting Report for Australia for Wamart company

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You will find it difficult to select the subset of environmental information to include in this summary. That is expected and is actually a great learning experience. Be sure to select only the most relevant information for your particular situation – the information that you think is important for your foreign entry strategy. Feel free to include non – essential information in the appendix. Also, ensure you make references in the main text to detailed information contained in the appendix.

Below are a number of factors you may want to consider – in international markets. Depending on your product or service and the geography you are considering, you may find that you don’t need to analyze all of these factors. Good papers select an discuss only the relevant information. Please be sure to identify your sources of information (for instance, by using footnotes).

The report must be double-spaced,12 point font size, no longer 2 pages, not including cover page and appendix.

Paper is to write about the Economic environment about Australia and how does it relate to Walmart Company and how does it affect Walmart grow their business in Australia if they decided open business in Australia

All questions below focus on Economic environment side!!!!!

You should then assess the attractiveness of a given country(WALMART) for market entry Based on information collected about the country’s external environment and product-market level information. Be sure to briefly discuss different components of market attractiveness and market potential.

•Please include a brief analysis of the competitive situation that the firm will face. How will they succeed against competitors in the target market?

•What are the main barriers to entry that the company may face?

•Is now (at the current stage of internationalization) a good time for the company to enter this country? Or should the company pursue other markets (local or foreign)?

•Should they devote significant resources to market entry?

•Given competitive situation and barriers to entry why should the company enter this market at the present time with this product?

****** detailed guideline attach below****

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