Contemporary nursing

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Contemporary Nursing

1. Explain how nursing practice has changed over time and now this evolution has

changed the scope of practice and the approach to treating the individual

2. Compare and contrast the differentiated practice competencies between an associate

and baccalaureate education in nursing. Explain how scope of practice changes

between an associate and baccalaureate nurse

3. Identify a patient care situation and describe how nursing care or approaches to

decision-making, differ between the BSN prepared nurse and the ADN nurse…  

 4. Discuss the significance of applying evidence-based practice to nursing care and explain

how the academic preparation of the RN-BSN nurse supports its application.

5. Discuss now nurses today communicate and collaborate with interdisciplinary teams

and how this supports safer and more effective patient outcomes.

You are required to write 900 words, cite a minimum of three sources to complete this assignment. Sources must be appropriate for the assignment and relevant to nursing practice

Prepare this assignment in the APA

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