Convergence and divergence in Development Economics

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Why are some countries rich and others poor? Why do some economies grow quickly with their

citizens enjoying rapid increases in their average incomes, while others grow slowly or not at all?

These are some of the most important questions in the study of economics and indeed touch on

some of the deepest problems facing society.

Critically discuss the determinants of and processes for economic growth. What characteristics

distinguish fast-growing from slow-growing economies? Conclude your discussion by outlining the

convergence debate, i.e. ‘Is Sub-Saharan Africa converging or diverging?’ (You should include

unconditional vs conditional and income vs social indicators).


This is an essay question based on the topic of sustainable development in the field of development economics. Plz choose to accept this question only if you know how to answer it. I also uploaded some important materials in relation to the essay question. However, more research on the topic is required. The expectation is that you add the most recent literature to your arguments. Parroting the theory will not be enough to pass this assessment. The articles that within last 10 years would be fine. Introduction, conclusion are not needed, just answer the question directly.

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