Cost and Quantitative Management

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Learning Outcomes

1) Develop price estimates and cost budgets for the design, tender, construction and maintenance phases of building projects, including setting budgets at the feasibility stage.

2) Use analytical estimating techniques to price building works accurately

Assignment Objective

This is an individual assignment concentrated is to develop the student’s understanding of the estimation of budgets of costs in the design, tender and construction phases of major building projects. This will include developing knowledge of the importance of setting budgets of design costs in order to price building works. This will assist quantity surveying and construction management students to carry out more accurate estimating and efficient management in construction work.

Assignment Task


Al Abeer LLC company decided to take up an apartment construction project with a cost of 1.2 million OMR in Mawaleh city. The director of the company appointed you to prepare the budget report of about 1500 words in relation to discuss and analyse the process of cost estimate for different stages of the project.

1. Prepare the detailed budget for each phase i.e initial, tender, design, construction and maintenance showing the total estimate in a tabular format required for the construction of the apartment project which is at feasibility stage in construction (NOTE: The information selected should be with reference to an apartment project which is under construction in Sultanate of Oman)

2. Elaborate on any two different analytical estimating techniques adopted to determine the price of the building works

In your submittal, please discuss clearly the following

1. Introduction (In 250 words) – A brief background information so that the reader can understand the significance of the case study report. Summarize the brief and focus on its significance, state the report’s aim (objective), and describe how the report is organized (methodology). Mention the Project title, Location, type, owner, Contractor, consultants and project / plan details that you have selected in Oman

2. Report body (1000 words) -The previous sections (table of contents, introduction) are preliminary sections. Budget study report section is organized as follows:

The headings are informative and descriptive.

Discuss the conceptual framework of the tasks

Expound or elaborate the concept by presenting sub –topics relevant to the main topic.

3. Discussions (150 words) -This section is likely to form the main part of the report. Discussion section gives you the opportunity to talk about what your report found and regarding the feasibility study. The section may be subdivided into smaller parts if found logical.

4. Conclusions and recommendations (100 words)– Every report should include a concluding statement regarding the subject matter of the study. The conclusion will draw all the treads of your report together. It will convey what the main body of the report has found out.

5. References (minimum 10 references) -Write the list of all the sources of information you have consulted incorporated in the report following the right format of listing them using the Harvard style referencing format of listing. All references listed can come from websites, journals, reference books magazines and etc. Minimum 10 citations are mandatory in the report (two source for e-library).

6. Appendices (plan)

*** Words count = 1500 words.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

*** I’ve uploaded the proposal for this assignment.

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