Cost Volume Profit Analysis and Standard Costs

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Thinking of the Middle East, identify where you encounter products,
services, or food items that should be relatively uniform and are based
on standard inputs or costs. Identify the items, their standard
components, and what the standards would probably be for each item.

For example, the standard direct materials for a hamburger at a fast
food restaurant might include a bun, a hamburger patty, one teaspoon of
ketchup, one teaspoon of mustard, two pickles, and one piece of paper
for wrapping.

Do you think it is beneficial for companies to assign standards, or
does it create unreasonable pressure on employees to comply with the
standards? What should managers do if they see that employees are not
meeting the direct material or direct labor standards? What do you see
as the pros and cons of having standards?

  • Embed course material concepts, principles, and theories, which require supporting citations, along with at least one scholarly peer-reviewed reference to support your answer unless the assignment calls for more.
    Keep in mind that these scholarly references can be found in the Saudi
    Electronic Library by conducting an advanced search specific to
    scholarly references.
  • You need to reply to at least two peer discussion question post
    answers to this weekly discussion question. These post replies need to
    be substantial and constructive in nature. They should add to the
    content of the post and evaluate/analyze that post’s answer. Normal
    course dialogue doesn’t fulfill these two peer replies but is expected
    throughout the course. Answering all course questions is also required.

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