Costco Case Analysis

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For this Case analysis may use other websites on Costco if needed, but you must also REFERENCE FROM THE TEXT (Case Analysis) IN THE UPLOADED FILE.

1. Explain why the strategy of Costco does or does not: a. Fit the company’s situation. b. Build a competitive advantage. c. Improve the company’s performance. Support your responses with examples from the case study (in the uploaded file).

2. Compare compensation strategies for warehouse employees and members of Costco’s senior management. How does the structure of these compensation strategies influence the culture of Costco?

3. A functioning multilevel, top-down leadership is key to the formulation and definition of business and organizational strategies. A cornerstone of this process is a well-defined foundation of organization and business visions. Evaluate Costco’s leadership performance in crafting such a vision and effectively supporting strategic foundations.

4. Costco has five well-defined business principles. Choose one of the five, and explain how the selected principle influences operations, procedures, and practices.

5. What is Costco’s business model? Is the company’s business model appealing? Why or why not?

no plagiarism, and reference in APA citation.

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